Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My Toughest Critics

My two young sons are both my greatest and most enthusiastic supporters, as well as being my toughest and most demanding critics. Let me paint a picture of what painting a picture looks like in my house...

6 year old: "Mommy, we are going to bed, I want you to surprise us with a new painting in the morning. Can you paint something now while we sleep?"
Me: "Sure son, do you want me to paint anything in particular?"
6 year old: "Pretty flowers, it is fall now and there aren't many flowers in our garden so I want to see a painting of flowers."
Me: "Ok, I will try. I will make a start but I probably won't get it finished in one night."
6 year old: "Ok, but please try your best. I love you Mommy."
3 year old: "I love you too Mommy, don't forget to surprise us with the new painting."
Me: Skips sleep and paints most of the night.

6 year old to 3 year old: "Let's go check on Mommy's progress."
3 year old: "I hope she finished it. We slept lots of hours so she had lots of time."
6 year old: "Mommy I love it! It is beautiful! Don't sell this one, I want to keep it."
Me: "Thanks son, I'm so glad you like it."
6 year old: "But there is a problem, why did you sign it when it isn't finished?"
Me: "I thought it was finished. What do you feel is missing?"
6 year old: "It needs a bee collecting pollen from the flower. I want you to add a bee."
Me: "Sorry son, once I sign a painting, it is finished, I don't modify it."
6 year old: "Well, you can sell this one if you can paint me another version with a bee? How long will it take? I don't mind if it is a little bit smaller if that will make it quicker." (He says as he stands in front of a painting that is 4 feet wide).
Me: "Ok son, I can try and do another version with a bee, but not right now."
3 year old: "Forget the bee, I want you to do a painting of Darth Vader fighting The Hulk."
Me: "Son, why do you want me to paint that?"
3 year old: "Because I want to see who wins the fight."

Apparently my eldest son thinks I'm a miracle worker who doesn't need sleep, and my youngest son thinks my paintings have some special insight into the unknown.

I love my boys.