Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Children's Book

I've never been particularly good at being idle. Sure, I like to relax, watch a movie or TV show, but it doesn't take long before I feel guilty for not achieving something from my overwhelming "to do" list. I even tend to do tasks during commercial breaks, just so I don't end an hour at a total loss for achievement. I don't know if that makes me nuts or just hyperactive? Perhaps it is just the plain, simple fact that I love my two little boys so much that I want to spend every possible minute with them, and subsequently need to do absolutely everything else while they sleep. 

I'm rarely happy with how much I achieve in a month. I seem to add more to my "to do" list each day than I cross off of it. January however, has proven more successful than many months of late. I finished writing Chapter 9 of my upcoming novel "J159". I completed an oil painting I've been working on for far too long, and made a decent start on my largest oil painting to date. I've had some personal successes in my home and family life and things have been going very well (despite pneumonia and then the flu... But that's another story). 

Oh yes, and what about the title of this post?

My "idle" moments in January were often filled with illustrations for my latest children's book: "Circles All Around". It has just been released and is available on Amazon worldwide in both paperback and kindle formats. For folks in Australia and other markets who notice their local Amazon website only offers the Kindle version, don't give up the hunt there... Amazon USA will ship the paperback version to you. 

Circles All Around is an illustrated children's book aimed at the early childhood, first readers market. It is designed to encourage young minds to seek out the finer details in what they see. Like a scavenger hunt throughout your home, this book helps children identify shapes within shapes, aiding pattern recognition and drawing skills.

I hope you enjoy this new book as much as my boys do, and that you have fun sharing it with the young children in your life. No electronic toy can replace that attentive interaction when you read with a child. Enjoy it. Inspiring children to read is a wonderful thing, seeing the smile on their faces when they enjoy your enthusiastic storytelling, is even better. 

Happy Reading folks!